Friday, March 30, 2012

New Blog!

Here is the new blog address :

Drabek Photography - Blog

Head on over there for all new posts, as of 3/12, from Drabek Photography :)


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blog will be moving!

I am setting up a new blog. It will be over on my website and mirror it in appearance and style ~ I am excited! Till then I will be posting some 2011 sessions that I had not yet shown on here.

Once the move is complete I will be posting my 2012 sessions over there!

Hope you make the move with me and see you there when done. I will make a final post here sending folks over that way permanently.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Caught my "Pinterest" ~ 01/13/12 ~ Family and Child Custom Portrait Photographer ~ McKinney, TX

 First Pinterest post of the year! I love the beginning of the year. I make resolutions, sorta. I reflect on the previous twelve months and how they were great and how they could have been better. I try to incorporate more of the good stuff and work on having less of the bad stuff going forward. Sometimes I am specific and other times it's just enough to say - I will try harder and do better.

This is true of my personal life and my business. I look at last year, ever grateful, and think about what I did really well for my clients and what I want to do even better for them. I make lists, I won't bore you with those though.

One thing I resolve to blog more. (I may change the site/set up this year so look for that!) Part of that blogging will be sharing Pinterest pins I have enjoyed or found useful. I have lots of ideas and would love to hear your's too! I have already posted a few and love the responses I have gotten. My goal is to share a Pinterest post a week. Sign up to follow my blog so you can be sure and not miss any.

The Pinterest pins that I will be sharing today will be ones from one board that I recently created. I will let you go look and see which one it is :) (follow me while you're there). I created this board to express what I feel about my photography. What I want my clients to feel when they look at themselves in it. What I want people that are considering hiring me to feel when they look at it.

What they feel in their heart; not just what they just see with their eyes.

I have let myself get confused a little in my journey and looked around too much at what is going on around me instead of what was going on in me. I started my business with certain views about photography and its importance, very strong and personal views. I also started with a bit of fear and intimidation. (Entrepreneurship, especially into photography, is not for the weak of will or of heart.) I tried to please others and myself; but I put myself second.

But those ardent views are so much a part of me; I must also promise to make sure my business and photography reflect more of it. And if I am true to myself, a little of my personal life would do well to include some more of it too I think.

Take more pictures. Take them more often. Make sure everyone is included. Print your pictures. Display your pictures in your home. Share your pictures with those you love. Don't wait to do it.

Cleaning and scrubbing
I will try harder and do better.