Monday, May 10, 2010

My life in cameras, 35mm to digital point and shoot to DSLR to point and shoot again...

          I, like any camera/photography nut, have a history that can be told in my cameras. I wanted to take this chance to tell you what I have and why. I don't talk about myself on here much because I want it to be about my work and clients. This aspect though is relevant I think so here ya go. I will post later about other equipment I use but for now it is about the camera itself.
          I remember cameras from when I was little. I don't remember a lot of specifics but I loved using them. Polaroids rocked! I remember my dad's cameras too; I wasn't allowed to touch them. I remember my grandfather's cameras; he was a picture nut too. It's in the genes I am sure. My kids display the early signs of photo nuttiness already.

          My first "nice" camera was an Olympus. I got it as a gift from then boyfriend, now hubby, and I cried I was so excited. I loved that camera. It went everywhere with me. Vacations, family holidays, and of course our wedding. I took so many pictures of my own wedding. I got the photographer's pics too because that was the only way there would be any of me. I got asked to take a couple's pic for the first time with this camera. They just wanted a nice pic of themselves and ended up using it as their Christmas card photo. I was so excited they liked it enough to use it for something so special. They are not together; I still love them both. Still got the camera and that picture.
                       Took Olympus on the honeymoon, to our first home, and he captured the first pictures of our first born son. Wasn't giving him up. Didn't like digital cameras. Where is the fun or quality in those? I loved the rich color and look of 35mm prints. In the beginning you got to admit digital cameras were not great. The processing of them needed to get the kinks worked out too. Some digital cameras are still too tiny for my taste. Really convenient though. I wasn't willing to give up 35mm for convenience. Old school all the way. I liked waiting for my pictures to come back from the store. I liked the surprise of getting a great shot that I wasn't expecting. Then digital got better. I decided to give it a try. Second baby was on the way. I opted for Canon after much research.  I liked her, OG (original) Canon. Not sure why she is a she and Olympus is a he but let it be noted there is a difference.She was convenient and made good quality pictures. I got asked to do engagement pictures for a friend. Then a family picture for her. I used my Olympus. That person is still in my life and I have now had the privilege of taking pictures of her kiddo for her "professionally". Still got the camera. They still have the photos.
                 I finally decided to put Olympus down and pick up OG Canon full time. She took the first pics of my new baby boy. She fit in the diaper bag better and with a baby and toddler to lug around it was just easier. Oh how me and my OG Canon got along once I gave her a chance! We went to the park, parties, concerts, and all the fun stuff. I loved her. I could print all the copies of 5 pictures that looked almost identical that I wanted. (PRINT your pictures people, more on that later) Price per print could not be beat for sure. I could share even more with friends! The boys knew I loved her and they wanted to be like mommy and take pictures. They broke her lens cover! I still had a warranty and sent OG Canon in. It kinda felt like an appendage was missing over those couple of weeks. She came back and we were off with life. Then the boys broke her again. grrr. Out of warranty now. They got a Fischer Price Kid Tough Camera for Christmas that year. Also strict instructions to never ever touch MY camera again. But what to do now that I was out of a working camera?
                   I knew a point and shoot wasn't going to keep up with what I wanted to. Photography has always been my passion and number one creative outlet. I have always enjoyed sharing  this love with others or whoever will hold still and let me take their picture. I finally took the plunge and decided to start Drabek Photography. Hubby and I agreed I should invest in a DSLR for my new business. I decided to go Canon again. I don't choose to get in Nikon vs Canon debates, everyone has their own opinion. It's a personal preference too, I don't take it personally though. I'm just a Canon girl. So 50d came in to my life. Oh she is gorgeous! I *heart* her, I *heart* her!! Momma C as I have now named her. I don't mind her size or weight at all. Being a she she appreciates that I don't size discriminate. I love all the fun things I can do with her. I take her everywhere. Hubby is a little intimidated by her, ha ha j/k. He just likes the smaller carry-in your pocket-ability of the point and shoots. I don't care. She is pretty and I love her. She would be sad to miss out on all the fun, so she comes along to all of it.
                     I have now grown out of my "cling on, sleep with, eat with" phase with Momma C and realize I want her to last as long as possible (See side note below). She isn't always that easy to carry to the park. But gosh she takes great pictures. I was kinda thinking I wanted another point and shoot. I dare not ask for another camera though. I just got this one. I will take 50d to sessions and the playground. Wait, summer is coming, that means going to spray parks and pools. Maybe I do want a point and shoot. Nope, gonna suck it up and figure it out.
         Insert awesome husband and kids. What do you think they got me for Mother's Day? Another camera of course! I did not ask for this cutie but did get a little say in what I liked, just so happened to be a Canon. The idea and generosity was all theirs. Thank you boys!!!! Momma C has now adopted Baby C as her own and so have I. I give them genders and names, call me crazy like hubby does, I can take it.
         Now Momma C can come with me for sessions and special occasions. I do say every occasion deserves my most heartfelt attempt at taking a good picture of it. Blowing bubbles in the backyard? Gonna set the shot up first. Point and click or not. More on this topic too, another time. But Baby C will come to the park now, the pool, the basic life stuff.  As long as someone is on duty I am good. Hubby wants his own camera now, I am such a bad influence, to take pictures when he is away from me. I am a little possessive of my cameras and don't share really well. Like my kids, it is hard for me to let them out of my sight. Who knows, we'll have to see who joins the family for Father's Day!
       Gonna send in broken OG Canon for a trade amount. I am sentimental but also practical. I know that this is a lot to read, but hope it gives you an insight into my passion for what I do. Me, my camera, and my photos are intertwined. I love my family and my cameras bunches, hehe.
        Keeping the Olympus forever I think. Just like me and the hubs, we go way back. Like "when 35mm was hip" way back. Too much history there to let it go, plus I do still love 35mm pics.

Love you babe, thank you for tolerating my other true love, you are the first love in my heart always.  ;) kiss kiss.


Side note: Every digital camera has a life. Not a "go to parties and shopping" kind of life but a life expectancy. It is usually measured in frames. How many pics (frames) you can click before it goes kaput. Getting this point and shoot will extend my DLSR's life by allowing me to click away for the little stuff at home and use my 50d for big stuff. Most manufacturers will list the frames you should expect your camera to get before it needs repair or replacement. Look in your manuals. You do read your manuals right? The amount you can expect will of course vary by brand, style, and how you use it and take care of it. Also, you can reduce your electronic gadget footprint by finding out if your brand or store of choice offers a trade in option.

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