Monday, May 31, 2010

Who do you use to print your photos?

        There are many aspects to planning a portrait session, both for the client and myself. As a client you have many choices to make. The most obvious first step is you have to decide who your photographer will be. Will you choose a studio or on location photographer? Then you have to decide what to wear, which location to use, is this is for a special occasion or gift or is this just for yourself? Assuming all goes well you will end up with some images you will cherish forever.
         As your personal family photographer I would be remiss if I did not point out the most important choice you have to make after your session. What to do with your wonderful images. When you choose Drabek Photography you can choose to only print them, to save them to a flash drive, or both. I also offer other product options but for now we are going to strictly focus on prints. I want to show you why your choice of printer can impact your final tangible results. Not all printers are created equally and therefore neither is their product.
       To illustrate this point I am conducting an experiment and a survey. I appreciate all your feedback in conducting this survey. I will have my experiment results in a couple weeks to share with you. I hope this will help my clients to become happier and more informed consumers. Thank you for your help!


Please leave this info in your comment:

Who is your preferred digital printer for your everyday prints? Why?
Who is your preferred digital printer for your special portrait prints? Why?
Are there any other contributing factors to your choice besides price and location?
What would cause you to choose a different printer?

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Monica said...

I use for my everyday prints for two reasons, 1) their website is easy to use (I used to go in to Wolf to print photos but I couldn't figure out how to order online so I switched and 2) price (they usually have some kind of promotion so I get a discount.)

I need to get some portraits (that you took!) printed but have no idea where to go. Hints?

Along with price and location, ease in using the website is an important factor for me.

Since Walgreen's offers a user-friendly website, reasonable cost and is close to home, I'd have to get an ever better deal somewhere else to switch.