Monday, September 19, 2011

Photo Jewelry by Kotori for Drabek Photography.

So excited to offer these custom photo jewelry pieces to my clients ~ just in time for the holidays! This line of heirloom quality photo jewelry is made with such care and attention to detail, not something you are going to find anywhere else! They are not sold in retail stores as they work directly with me, the photographer, to help you get the best quality possible. There is an all sterling silver line and a fashion line featuring vintage brass pieces and more. Both of lines feature the same high quality photo charms and care in making them. No yellowing or fading here! So many choices and styles to choose from. And the exciting part is that all pieces in both lines are available to clients starting...NOW! I will have an ornament sample to show as well as my very favorite piece, the Story Necklace. This piece is so special and easy to personalize. Just have to get a current pic of my own kids! I look forward to helping you make your own special piece to give as a gift or keep for yourself! Angela

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