Wednesday, October 5, 2011

baby Bloom Mary Ann - The Organic Bloom - Custom Family and Child Photography, McKinney, TX

This is one of the most popular frames shapes out of them all. Easy to see why! This is my fave red color for holiday ornaments in the baby Bloom size. Paired with a green or white or black and your decorations will be the prettiest around! Great for gifts tags or to hang over stockings too.

"The first thing I'll do when I get back home is bake an apple pie, milk the cow, and feed the chickens" – Mary Ann Summers, Gilligan’s Island 

The first thing you’ll do once Mary Ann gets to your home is frame those quaint and lovely images from the latest family portrait session out at the country cottage. Her gentle nature, enhanced by sweet dimples and soft curves, makes her the perfect candidate for any frame collection in need of some innocent charm.

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