Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Check your head

Fight the power! (with purple crayons!)

oh yeah, the attitude is real

the smirk

partners in crime

thanks for the props kiddo

Cam picked out the hats recently and insisted his little bro have a matching one. From the moment I saw the hats on them I knew I had to capture them together wearing them. ( have ya heard of my weird visions? this is one of those, ask me sometime and I will tell ya) Taking pics of my own kids is actually harder for me than taking pics of other people's kids. Mine are sooo over the camera being pointed at them. Most of the time I don't even try with them because they give me such a hassle. I have hundreds of pics of the back of their heads or snarls for me to quit. (wanna see? not kidding) But armed with Halloween candy as a bribe, the promise that I would  be quick, they didn't even have to smile,  and they could sorda pick their own clothes - I was not giving up on this idea and they could tell cooperation was required. I have loved this location since I was given the tip about it (Rhiannon, thanks) and have not had anyone book it. So I decided to use it so I could show it off a little. For us right now it fitted the boys just right. All attitude and snarkiness at mom. I didn't say it showed off their best qualities, just the way they have been lately. Cam is trying to grow up and pull away into being a "big" boy. Ryan is 3. Nuff said. Oh how I love these little punks. Train tracks were too cool, getting to color on walls was awesome, and just being outside on a nice day made for a nice mix of pictures that I love. As a nod to me and the hubs, old school Vans and Beastie Boys represented, love ya babe.

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