Friday, November 5, 2010

Membership has its privileges they say.

             I could not be where I am without the help and support of so many wonderful friends and family. Friends of friends. And friends that are like family :) (more on how this benefits you in a sec) In this career I have chosen I have to be a season, or at least a several weeks, ahead in my planning. In October I was thinking about Christmas. Now a week after Halloween and just weeks before Thanksgiving I am thinking about the New Year. I am looking at some new business plan model ideas, how to continue to grow my knowledge of this business and my craft, and of course how I can reward my clients in ways they find the most beneficial. I am not going anywhere, this first year has for sure shown me this, and I can't wait to move forward. I am meant to do this! I also want you to know that I will not forget where I started. With you. My first year and repeat clients. I am not going to give any news away right now about next year, but I am still open to your suggestions. If you haven't already booked for this year - you might want to go ahead and do that... I'm just sayin.

Previous clients please email me your thoughts, ideas, or suggestions of how I can better serve you, what you would like to see me offer next year, and in general what would make you an even happier client of mine. Do you have a business and want to work together on a project with Drabek Photography? Are you another photographer and want to work together? If you have not booked a session this year, I would love to hear how I can earn your business next year. (you just might get rewarded if you participate...never know till you try!)

Thank you,

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