Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Last sneak peek. Ever!

       I have been trying to figure out a way to pass on some news - not bad, I don't think anyway, just noteworthy - and thought if I give ya some cute kiddos to look at it might make it go down a little easier.  Collages - good or bad????

         I will no longer be posting sneak peeks of sessions. I will still be posting pictures of course - just after clients have received them. A lot of thought and many reasons have brought me to this decision. The most important reason is my desire to offer my clients the best service possible. By not posting sneak peeks it will make my workflow process a lot smoother and therefore clients will get their pictures faster. I am thinking this will give things a more consistant appearance in the end too. Also, it will make sure that clients will be able to see their pictures, let me know which ones they will be using for invites, gifts, and cards, and I will not be leaking them before they have a chance to share. Since I also will now be offering the downloadable gallery instead of flash drives you can share your photos with family and friends as soon as you receive it - and not wait for me to post later on. I will still be showing you a peek on my camera screen before you leave your session so you are reassured knowing we got great images. I hope that everyone understands and promise it is a good thing for us both :)

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brandie73 said...

I think this will be a good move for you. Not only will it make things easier for you ,but ultimately your clients will benefit as well.