Friday, December 10, 2010

Eryn's First Birthday Party!

       I am so grateful to have been invited to this special, candy themed, party for such a sweet little girl! Eryn is extra special to me because she was my very first "session". I decided to start my business right before she was born and was so lucky to have had the chance to do her newborn pictures. Being friends with Eryn's mom has also allowed me the chance to watch her grow over this year and I am just so impressed with how smart she is (good genes) and too cute - if she would just let me hold her, haha! I've been told not to take it personally though.  At her party she was saying all kinds of words, joined in for some pizza lunch, and only fussed if Mom put her down :) The big kids got to fill their treat bags with candy from the candy buffett, make a gingerbread man craft, and of "help" Eryn play with her toys! The cake demolition was hilarious and Eryn was such a good sport with all the fuss being made over her. I can tell with all the family and friends that came to celebrate she is a very loved little girl.

Happy 1st Birthday Eryn!!

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