Friday, April 1, 2011

New things for Spring! ~ McKinney, TX Child and Family Photographer

 ~ Spring has meant some sprucing up around here at Drabek Photography! I am excited for all the changes I have made for this year. They will be so helpful for my clients and me. (Read all the way to end for a very special change!) ~

I have new gift certificates - pretty right?! They are in stock and ready for Mother's Day gifts. ~

~ A new referral program - all clients that book a session this year will get enrolled! ~

~ I have a new email/newsletter system!! So very handy - I need all the organizing help I can get :) Plus it doesn't hurt that they are so pretty to look at. ~

Bluebonnet sessions are now open to all! If you have not already confirmed your session time and date with me now is your chance!
~Bluebonnet mini sessions~
30 minutes up to 4 people
10 -12 edited images with reprint rights
$59 + tax
Families with more than 4 people participating are encouraged to book a full session.
Dates available
Monday April 11th - Friday April 15th
(2 mini sessions or 1 full session will be offered on these days)
sessions start at 5:00pm.
Saturday April 16th and Sunday April 17th
Mini and Full Sessions will be offered these days.
Sessions start at 9:00am with last session starting at 5:30. Times will vary based on types of sessions booked. I will do my best to fit everyone in. There will be a lunch break in there for me too :)
The dates for Dallas Arboretum sessions are picked!
Saturday April 2nd and Sunday April 3rd
Session times are limited these days:
9:00 am (picked for both days)
Please see the Arboretum website for parking and entry fees. Please also allow time for parking in case the lot is full and they are bussing patrons from an off site lot!
~ Arboretum mini sessions~
30 minutes up to 4 people
10-12 edited images with reprint rights
$59 + tax
(I will be waiving the travel fee to the Arboretum on these days)
Families with more than 4 people are encouraged to book a full session.
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~ I have a new Client Contract that explains all kinds of picky little details so I won't forget them and so I can protect myself and my work. It will also help and protect my clients too, yeah! (no pic, it is useful but not really pretty) ~

~ I got my logo made to be a watermark for my pics - Thanks Kelly, you rock! ~

~ And lastly (drumroll please)...

MY WEBSITE IS LIVE!! Woooohoooo! 

~ (Told ya it would pay off to read to the end!) There are a couple other new things but I don't want to leave you reeling from all this news so I will keep a couple things secret - till your next session that is :) 
     Thank you to all my clients, without you my new website galleries would be empty, hehe, No, really, y'all are all so special to me and appreciated beyond measure. ~

Shout out to Brandie for giving me free therapy sessions, as I call them, and tolerating my frequent rants. I appreciate your patience and input bunches. Thanks chica and I can't wait to do the same for you when you start your business. ~

Thank you hubby for taking in stride and tolerating me being up crazy hours working on this, missing soccer practice, and not doing much cooking or cleaning or anything for that matter. Your help and encouragement has meant everything to me. No way would all this be possible otherwise. Love you babe! ~


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