Saturday, September 24, 2011

baby Bloom Eva - The Organic Bloom - Custom Family and Child Photography, McKinney, TX

I love this frame in square sizes! So pretty! Shown here in a very girly Pink Hydrangea. Like a couple The Organic Bloom frames it is named after a cartoon character, how fun!

“Now, due to the effects of micro-gravity, you and your passengers may have suffered some slight bone loss. But I'm sure a few laps around your ship's jogging track will get you back in shape in no time.” – Buy N Large CEO,WALL-E 

If it wasn’t already obvious, you should know The Organic Bloom team loves a good laugh. Who doesn’t? And what better comic relief than a Pixar movie, eh? Naturally, after watching WALL-E, our first reaction was “Well let’s name a frame after Eve!” (Eva as WALL-E would say). So here she is, loveable and endearing, for your viewing pleasure.

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