Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Organic Bloom - Custom Family and Child Photographry - McKinney, TX

Every baby is named for a reason. Whether it be after a parent, a family member, or special friend. Maybe just a favorite name both parents loved! Whatever the case may be everyone's name came from somewhere.

Neither of my kids were named officially till after they were born and we got a good look at them, haha. My first son was named after my camera sorda and my husband and dad, true story - Cameron Allen. My second son was named after, well no one but the combination of names was just perfect to us and we loved the way it sounded - Ryan Andrew. Plus his initials are RAD :)

I have my basket o' baby Blooms and color swatches I will be bringing with me to client consultations and sessions so you can see just how cute they all are. They too got their names from somewhere, and they are all fun and unique in their own way. I can't wait to introduce them all to you!

I have a fun game we will be playing on my blog this week so you can meet them before you see them- with a sweet little prize at the end. Wanna play along? Here's how:

  •  Starting Saturday I will post a pic of one baby Bloom everyday. Keep track of which baby was "delivered" on which day. At the end submit your entry, via email to, for a chance to win a 5x5 Johnny frame in Parchment. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified by email.
  • If you have been contemplating purchasing some frames this is your chance to be rewarded for it!
  • If you order a frame on its delivery day you will get an extra entry. (so that is two entries so far!)  
  • Book a session between now and the end and get another entry! (that's three chances!)
  • Book a session and make a frame purchase at any time and get 2 entries!!

If you have not subscribed to my blog you may want to so you will get updates. The postings will show in facebook but I will not be posting them on there.

Hope you enjoy playing along and getting to know and see all the beautiful frames! Visit The Organic Bloom store to see all the frames at once in all their configurations and styles!!


p.s. Feel free to pass this along to friends so they can play along too! There will be more info in the blog posts so pay attention closely!

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