Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Caught my "Pinterest" ~ 11/30/11 ~ Family and Child Custom Portrait Photographer ~ McKinney, TX

     I big puffy heart love Pinterest! Yes, I do see the argument that it is a time sucker/waster. But I guess that is all in what you do and how you do it. I don't stare at cute puppies and kittens for hours on end, maybe one or two, but for the most part I am finding new recipes to try from sources I wouldn't have known about, crafts for the kids to try, and photography articles that would have taken me much longer to come across. It's like a bookmark, makes it easier to reference things I want to try or remember. Oh and the paper saved from not tearing out magazine articles :)

     I thought it would be fun to post some of my favorite "pins" that I have come across, or I thought were super useful, or even the ones I have made. Some will be photography related but not all. I hope that this gives someone else inspiration to try something new and let's you get to know me a little better! I hope to do this weekly. If you use Pinterest you can follow me (button to the right) and I will follow you back. If you choose not to use Pinterest, hard to quit the habit once you start, I understand and hope you enjoy my version as a blog post.

Let me know what you found the most "pinteresting"!


Pin It

1. 100 Mischievous Elf on the Shelf ideas

We love our elf! Lightning, from McQueen and actual lightning - because he's so fast like McQueen! Clever kid. This is one of my family's favorite traditions. This link has lots of cute ideas in one quick and easy reference list. I have a Board devoted to elf ideas and hope to be more creative with it this year b/c of it. If you have an elf antic that went over well with your kiddos let me know!

2. Fabric Frame

What a great re-use idea! I just took a bunch of frames down and put them in the garage sale pile. For the garage sale I swear I will have.someday.soon. I'm not spectacular-ly crafty I don't think, but I could do this. Use a holiday ribbon or fabric or a fabric that would match a particular room. oooh, print one of the fun holiday posters I have on my Christmas Board and you have an inexpensive and cute centerpiece!

3. Reindeer food

We have done this every year and the kids think it is great! Didn't need the pin to remember it but loved the Reindeer Games party theme so I had to include this. We leave out cookies for Santa and this mix for the Reindeer. We also leave carrots out for them too ~ they are soo messy with carrots, pieces all over the yard in the morning ;) The poem makes it even more fun.
This link is inspired by this pin. I will be making this this year for gifts and stocking stuffers! I promise to post when I do. Again, I'm not too crafty but when I am inspired I can pull of some stuff.

5. Memory Jar

The gift that keeps giving! I have made this and am thrilled to say it is working for us.  This was a pin inspired project.  I usually keep little things like programs and ticket stubs. Now we have somewhere fun to put them. Read over the memories from the year on New Year's Eve, empty the jar to a storage box and label, start refilling with new memories! We did not label this with a year so we cand keep using it over and over. Easy and great gift to give, especially for a new family. We have forgotten so many things we thought we wouldn't. That's why I attached paper and a pen to the top, we can write it down the moment it happens. Also, less intimidating to me (and my husband) than a scrapbook and less time consuming. 

Hope you have enjoyed and let me know what you think!

Angela Drabek

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