Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Caught my "Pinterest" ~ 12/7/11 ~ Family and Child Custom Portrait Photographer ~ McKinney, TX

         Have you finished your gift shopping, planned for all your parties, and decided on what cookies Santa will get this year? If so, I am impressed. You need not read further; but you can email me and tell your secrets.
         I am actually doing pretty good this year and I am not as far behind as I have been in the past. I have seen so many cute Christmas pins that I thought I would share a few to inspire and help you get your list shortened so you have more time for eggnog and sappy made for t.v. holiday movies.

This pin led me to the cute blog of a very organized mom. She was nice enough to share some FREE printables for holiday organizing. I love the the Santa Survey for older kids and adults. The gift list can be used to list gifts you wish to give and I think you could multipurpose it and use it for gift you have received.

I love holiday crafts! Christmas is really one of the only times of year I feel excited about crafting. I think this one is great for little kids. Not too hard, no glitter, and you could give it as a cute classmate or neighbor gift. Put your holiday card in the middle and you are good to go. Would be cute with mini candy canes if you can find them individually wrapped instead of bag. Also, customize by using different colored canes. Plus it's not a clutter piece, take it apart and enjoy the candy after the holiday!

Help the kids with the gimmes! (and maybe pass some time over vacation leading up to the big day) I thought this was a good visual, and use of all those extra ads and catalogs we get in the mail this time of year, on wants vs. needs. Help kids get a perspective on what they really need and what is just a want. And maybe get some last minute gift ideas :) Other cute ideas on this blog that is from a kindergarten teacher and her class. 

Ok, you will not be seeing this on my From Pinterest Board to Reality board. I think these are so adorable (that's a strawberry under the icing) and would be the neatest thing to bring to a cookie exchange. If you make this I would love to see how it comes out. I have some other cute holiday cookies and brownies on my Christmas Board for those of us that are less ambitious. But I am just so impressed with this I had to share! I will say I do have my cookie exchange cookies picked out already and yes they idea came from a pin.

I don't have a pic to insert to illustrate this but follow the link and there is an example. Really good tips - move away from the tree some, get down on the kiddo's level, and take the pic during the day! Personal tip to add - want the kids to be still to take the pic? Give them marshmallows as a reward - small treat, doesn't show in their teeth, you can keep giving them slowly to get your shot. Good luck!


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