Thursday, November 11, 2010

Help - Portrait 2010

         I have been looking for a non-profit, photography charity that I would like to participate in. I think I have found it. Help-Portrait 2010 is a worldwide non profit initiative to encourage photographers to use their talent to benefit others for free. I love that this has so many possibilities and opportunities to grow with it in the future. Almost too many for me to choose! Because I will be participating alone this year I will have to modify the parameters of the official day a little to meet my abilities, safety, and scheduling while keeping in the same giving spirit. Free portraits for those in need, prints for free, delivered for free to winner.
       Do you know a family that has had a hard year because of monetary reasons or health issues? Or a non profit charity or animal shelter that could benefit from a photographer's help? Or several military families that may be deploying soon and would each want a family portrait? (Only registered non profits will be considered so please be sure they can show there proof of status.) I truly believe in the power of a photograph and the way it can affect others. I want to share this love and deeply profound belief with someone that needs it in their life this year.

See rules below to learn how you can enter someone you think is deserving to win a FREE 1 hour session and 20 prints from Drabek Photography. Please be thoughtful, honest, and creative in your submission suggestions. I sincerely look forward to reading them all!
1. Email me at your nominee's information (name, website, location, contact info) and an essay that is 150 words or less detailing why they are a deserving family/ies or charity. I am relying on your discretion in who you choose to nominate. Please make sure you are nominating someone in need, not just want, that would not be able to do this for themselves. You may only make one submission, however, a particular charity or family may be nominated more than once. (see rule #2 for help with this!)
2. Suggest Drabek Photography to your friends on Facebook so they can submit an entry too. Only fan submissions will be considered for this contest.
3. You may not nominate yourself or family. If you work for a non profit or charity you may nominate them. Winner must be local DFW area.
4. Let me know if this is a surprise and if you would like to join me in letting the winner know once they have been chosen.
5. All entries must be received by 11/27/10 12:00am CST. Winner will be announced 12/04/10 the official Help Portrait Day. I will work with the winner to choose a date for their session directly.

The winner will be chosen by Drabek Photography. The winner will receive a 1 hour session and 20 prints from their session FREE. Any modifications to the prize or need for a runner up winner will be up to Drabek Photography's discretion and not open to any participants requests or suggestions. All entry submissions will be kept private, names withheld for privacy protection unless otherwise authorized to release, and no exchange of money for vote will be accepted. This contest is sponsored by Drabek Photography alone. If you would like to add to this prize and work together please let me know.

    I believe in karma, pay it forward, what comes around goes around, do unto others...etc. I have been blessed this year. If you have been blessed and want to share that with others, enter your submission today. Karma may come back around and share new blessings with you.


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brandie73 said...

I love this! Awesome idea ma'am!